Nelson Freitas


[Tuesday, October 29, 2019] - Nelson Freitas, international recording artist known by his fans as ‘The King of Kizomba’, won the award of ‘Best Lusophone’ artist at the African Music Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) on Saturday, October 26th, 2019 in Dallas, Texas in the United States of America.

The author of multi-platinum hits ‘Miúda Linda’ and ‘Break of Dawn’, just recently released his fifth studio album as a surprise compilation entitled ‘Sempre Verão’. The album which includes many of his latest hit singles such as ‘Nubian Queen’, ‘Every Day All Day’ and ‘Xtomperod’ also includes his latest smash releases including ‘Bolo Ku Pudim’, ‘Problema’, ‘Dominar’ and the upcoming single release of ‘Manhã Cedo’.

“I am extremely thankful for winning the award for Best Lusophone artist at the 2019 AFRIMMA awards. I feel truly blessed to have such loyal fans worldwide.” - Nelson Freitas

Nelson, who is signed to record label Universal Music Portugal, has emerged as one of the most powerful and popular artists of Cape Verdean descent. He has received over fifteen separate music awards in the USA, Portugal, Angola and Cabo Verde and has performed in some of the largest and most world-renowned venues across the globe. To date, Nelson has toured the world performing in front of sold out crowds in countries such as Portugal, France, Spain, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, Switzerland and many more.

Known for hits Miúda Linda, Break of Dawn, Bo Tem Mel, Something Good, Simple Girl, Rebound Chick and Deeper, Nelson’s unique sound is a fusion of Kizomba, Hip Hop, R&B along with traditional rhythms of Cabo Verde. With approximately 53 million YouTube views of Míuda Linda’s official music video, Nelson has catapulted to a whole new level in the music industry.

‘Over the past few years we have largely shifted our team’s focus to the USA and to the mainstream market. This award serves as a testimony to that shift and we are deeply grateful to the fans from the USA and the Portuguese speaking countries of Africa for this distinction. In early 2020 we plan to embark on a worldwide tour kicking-off in key cities of the USA and then extending into Europe and Africa.” - Nick Pinheiro, Artist Management

Nelson Freitas will be performing live with his band on Friday, November 15th at Coliseu de Lisboa in Lisbon, Portugal. Tickets can be purchased at the following link: